Here's a quick summary of features and fixes with this release:

  1. Assign an Action to anyone in the organisation 
  2. New look navigation bar
  3. Quick link for switching organisations / committees
  4. Meetings List page update
  5. Improvements and Bug fixes

Assigning an Action to anyone in the organisation

When entering an Action into the Minutes, the action can now be assigned to anyone in the organisation, whether or not they attended the meeting.    

Now they will get the notices and reminders of the action directly in their inbox, and they can update the Action's status in BoardPro.  

New look navigation bar

The top line navigation bar has been given an bit of a make over:  

  • We've made it a bit slimmer to take up less room in your browser window
  • The name of the organisation has been moved up
  • The main elements are moved over to the right, making room for the long organisation names

Quick access to your other boards / committees

If you use BoardPro with more than one organisation, or if you have subcommittees, now you can easily move between them via the the organisation list.

Power user tip:  To work on several organisations at the same time, you can open each organisation / committee in its own browser tab by right clicking then selecting "Open in new tab".

Meeting List page update:

Meetings now only appear once on the Meeting List page.  Previously, meetings for this month would always appear twice: at the top for Meetings this month and also under Upcoming Meetings or Past Meetings. 

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Restored the Delete Meeting option to the main page
  • When adding a person to the meeting or to an action item, you can search for their name - handy when you have a lot of people using BoardPro


Please check these out and let us know if you have any questions or run into a problem.

If you have any questions, or need a hand with BoardPro, simply click on the blue chat icon below to contact us and we will be in touch.  



Ideas Portal

Got any ideas you would like to see in BoardPro?  Visit our Ideas Portal  at where you can see if the idea is already listed.  If so, you can vote for it!  If not, you can add it in!  

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