This week we are pleased to release the following:

  1. Decision Register
  2. Show your picture in BoardPro
  3. Revoke Access to your board
  4. New Board Pack generator
  5. Minor improvements and fixes

Decision Register

Board members and Senior Executives can now search for and view decisions made by the board via the new Decision Register page.  

You can search by date or by a key word.  

Check out our "Decision Register" page to learn more. 

Show your picture in BoardPro 

BoardPro is now integrated with Gravatar to enable you to display your picture in BoardPro.   Learn how to update here.

Revoke Access 

If you wish to remove someone's access to your BoardPro account without completely removing them from your board, administrators of your board can now do so via the Revoke Access button.   

Learn how to Revoke Access 

New Board Pack Generator

The original system for generating the Board Packs is being retired.  First introduced in January 2017, it was unfortunately somewhat buggy and unreliable, causing far to many headaches and failed builds of Board Packs.  

The new system will be rolled out in stages over the next few weeks.

Minor fixes and improvements

  1. A bug where some people could not update their Actions on the Action List page has now been fixed. 
  2. The Add Minute buttons no longer appear disabled
  3. People with older browsers will now get a notice to upgrade their browser.  Keeping your browser up to date is key for security and performance, so if you get the bar encouraging you to update your browser, please do so.  

Please keep your feedback coming. 


Please check these out and let us know if you have any questions or run into a problem.

If you have any questions, or need a hand with BoardPro, simply click on the blue chat icon below to contact us and we will be in touch.  



Ideas Portal

Got any ideas you would like to see in BoardPro?  Visit our Ideas Portal at where you can see if the idea is already listed.  If so, you can vote for it!  If not, you can add it in!  

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