Our first release of 2018 contains two simple yet powerful new improvements: 

  1. Automated Meeting Reminder email
  2. New look to the documents generated by BoardPro: Agenda, Minutes, Decision Register and Interests Register

Automated Meeting Reminders

BoardPro will now automatically send a reminder via email before each meeting, to:

  1. Remind everyone of when and where the meeting is
  2. Advise them if they are listed as an attendee or an apology
  3. Provide a calendar attachment to add the meeting to most calendar apps 

Frequency:  Automatic meeting reminders will be sent the week before the meeting and again on the day of the meeting.  

At this time you cannot turn off Meeting Reminders for your boards or committees, so if these are not wanted please send us a note and we will disable for you.  

New Look Agenda and Minutes

To improve how easy they are to read, the Agenda and Minutes in BoardPro now have a fresh new style.     

  • Font colour is black
  • Fonts are larger
  • Improved spacing and alignments

New Look Interests Register

The Interests Register is now more compact, easy to read and takes less space in the Board Pack.  

Minor Fixes and Improvements

  • A bug with special characters on passwords has been fixed. 
  • Improved the process of linking Committee documents to Agenda Items


Please check these out and let us know they go. 

If you have any questions, or need a hand with BoardPro, simply click on the blue chat icon below to contact us and we will be in touch.  



Ideas Portal

Got any ideas you would like to see in BoardPro?  Visit our Ideas Portal at http://ideas.boardpro.io where you can see if the idea is already listed.  If so, you can vote for it!  If not, you can add it in!  

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