At the bottom of your agenda page, BoardPro has a Close the Meeting Agenda Section in both the Draft Agenda stage and the Draft Minute stage.

Draft Agenda:
This is where you can set the next meeting date, choose to review or hide action items and set the close time of the meeting.

There are two ways to set the close time in the Draft agenda: 

  1.  Automatically -BoardPro will calculate the time based on the time you have allocated for each agenda point (Note: You can set the time for each agenda point under the name of the presenter in an agenda item). 
  2.  Manually -you can choose to enter in the approximate time the meeting will finish.

Things to Note when setting the time:

  • Numbering for hours is done 1-12 and minutes is 0-59. 
  • If an invalid number is entered the box will be highlighted in red and return to the previous number that was displayed.  (For example you cannot enter 20: 00 for 8:00 PM)
  • Switch between AM/PM by clicking on the box. 
  • You can change the Close Time at any stage up until the minutes are confirmed.

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