With today's update you can now build a new Board Pack when required, and we fixed up a number of small bugs


  1. Republished an Agenda/Build a Board Pack on demand
  2. Page number issue in the Board Pack is fixed
  3. Some file links in the Index were not working
  4. Special Characters in Meeting Titles caused Board Packs to fail
  5. A timezone issue had some Actions due dates incorrectly displayed

Republished Agenda

It is now possible to republish the Agenda (which builds a new Board Pack) at any time while in the Published Agenda stage of the meeting prep.  Learn more about that here: http://help.boardpro.io/agendas/republishing-an-agenda-without-changes


Please check that out and let us know your feedback. 

If you have any questions, or need a hand with BoardPro, simply click on the blue chat icon below to contact us and we will be in touch.  



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