This week we have released an updated look for the Meeting Documents page as well as fixed a number of bugs - the details are below.    

Meeting Documents 

The Meeting Documents page is one of BoardPro's most powerful features.  It is a list of every meeting document (including the Agenda, Minutes and all attached papers) from every meeting that your board/committee has entered into BoardPro.  
Everything is grouped by the meeting, but best of all it is searchable.  😃 

Meeting Documents Search
Being able to search the documents of past meetings can save so much time and effort when trying to recall when a topic was last discussed.  The search finds the Agenda items, Documents attached to Agenda items, and Minutes that contain the searched-for phrase.  

Each search result is fully linked back to the source meeting, so that you can know 

  1. Exactly when this topic was discussed
  2. Any supporting papers that were attached
  3. The Minutes, Actions and Decisions that flowed from the discussion

Learn more about the Meeting Documents page here.

Bug fixes and Improvements

This update includes some behind-the-scenes speed enhancements to improve performance and responsiveness.

Documents uploaded to Agenda Items now show the file size.   This is not yet available for the Governance Documents, but will be next year when we update that section of BoardPro.

The Roles and Permissions section of the Help Centre has been updated to describe the current abilities of the Senior Executive role


Please check that out and let us know your feedback. 

If you have any questions, or need a hand with BoardPro, simply click on the blue chat icon below to contact us and we will be in touch.  



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