BoardPro Notes is a built in document annotation feature which enables board members to capture their thoughts and make notes as they read a board pack, in preparation for the next meeting.

With it, you can:

  1. Read the Board Pack and capture your thoughts directly in BoardPro
  2. Access your Notes on any device.  Read on your laptop, review on your tablet - you can even use your phone!
  3. Your annotations are private.  No one else can access them.

With BoardPro Notes you can also:

  • see which documents are 'New' 
  • easily find the documents you have made notes on
  • mark a document as 'Read' when you are finished with it

How to open BoardPro Notes

To open the meeting documents in BoardPro Notes, use the Board Pack menu on the meeting, or click on Notes when previewing the board pack. 

Learn more:

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