This week in BoardPro we have a number of visual and performance improvements 

  • A new landing page and navigation bar
  • Meeting cards have been redesigned to load faster
  • Quick "Call-to-Action" buttons on the meeting cards
  • All new Organisation "short name" and "icon"
  • Performance enhancements when previewing the Minutes
  • Bug fixes 

Landing Page update

We have updated the pages you see when you first log into BoardPro 

  1. A lighter and brighter navigation bar 
  2. Improved "Organisation Switch" to help you easily navigate between your boards

Meeting card

The meeting cards have been redesigned to load faster and be more efficient 

Smart "Call-to-Action" buttons

The new "Call-to-Action" buttons appear on the meeting cards at just the right time with short cuts to key actions

Organisation Short Name and Icon 

You can now set a "Short Name" for your organisation or committee, and that will be used in BoardPro in places such as the organisation switch.  

The original  "Organisation Name" will continue to be used on the official documents that BoardPro generates, such as the Agenda and Minutes.    

Likewise, the organisation icon (found on the Brand tab of Organisation Settings) is a purposeful smaller image used in the apps, while the full logo is used on the official documents. 

Performance Improvements

The speed it takes to preview the Minutes has been boosted.  Where possible, a cached copy of the Draft Minutes and Minutes in Review will be provided for preview and download, rather than generating on demand.

Bug fixes and Improvements

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • The board member tick box and time selectors were not working on updated versions of Safari on OSX.


Please check these out and we look forward to your feedback. 😃

If you have any questions, or need a hand, simply click on the blue chat icon below to contact us and we will be in touch.  



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