17 May 2017

  • Fixed a token issue when changing your email address
  • Improved font on the PDFs
  • Updated the context menu icon, replacing the three horizontal lines of the "hamburger menu" with three vertical dots.
  • Fixed a bug where the Agenda Item title did not come appear on the Close Meeting review
  • You are now prompted to delete Minutes first before deleting an agenda item

16 March 2017

  1. Signature field now included with the Minutes 
  2. Safari browser bug occurred when using the Post Meeting Tasks
  3. Resolved a bug where the board pack generation was failing if a Word document included embedded objects 
  4. Fixed a bug where the agenda browsing arrows disappeared on the mobile view.

9 March 2017

  1. Meeting Tasks workflow after the draft Minutes stage
  2. Larger guests field on Meeting Details
  3. Fixed Safari browser bug which prevented iPad Pro and Macbook Air users from adding or editing minutes
  4. Fixed a bug where the Minutes to be confirmed were not being saved after exiting the meeting
  5. Added the organisation name to the board pack file

1 March 2017

  1. Include the Minutes to be Confirmed in the board pack
  2. Display the "Minutes to be confirmed" in the Detailed Agenda PDF
  3. Confirmation of the Minutes outcome included in the current Minutes PDF
  4. Interest Register PDF included in board pack

22 February

  1. Board pack online preview
  2. Spreadsheet alerts when attaching them to agenda items, to advise that they won't be converted to PDFs
  3. New "Board Member" flag and "Position Title" field for the People List 

5 February 2017

  1. File title for Approved Minutes PDF now says "Approved" rather than "Draft"
  2. "Draft Minutes" title changed to "Minutes" for published Minutes
  3. Minutes PDF now displaying the full details of approval of previous minutes 
  4. Individual documents can now be downloaded from the individual agenda items when the meeting is complete with a Confirmed Minutes status

27 January 2017

  1. Special characters (such as '&') now permitted in meeting titles
  2. Taking Minutes on a touch device - modal out of view - now fixed

20 January 2017

  1. Using Private Browsing in Safari: now able to manage more content
  2. Inability to view date picker on low resolution screens fixed

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