Below is a step by step guide on how to distribute the board pack.  

Option 1: Email after publishing the agenda 

After finishing the Draft Agenda click on Publish this Agenda. BoardPro will automatically begin to build the Board Pack for you.  

In the confirmation box click "Email Board Pack" to send it out right away. 

In the email box: 

  1. Choose whom you send out the email too. By default BoardPro automatically selects everyone on your Board. You can customize this list to deselect members and add others listed from on the organisation's People List page.
  2. Personalize your greeting. Default greeting is "Hi" but now you can type in your own greeting and choose whether you add a first name, last name, both or none at the top of the email.
  3. Add any additional comments in the comment box.
  4. Tells you when the notice was sent and by whom 

Note: if you do not wish to email out the Board Pack right away just close the box. (See Option 2 or 3)

People may not appear on the list because either:

  1. They have not accepted the invitation to BoardPro
  2. They have the Executive/Guest access level 

Option 2: Email from within BoardPro

You can preview, download and email the Board Pack from the top of the Agenda Page, after publishing the Draft Agenda. 

NOTE: The Board Pack itself is NOT sent via email - only a link to download it. 

Option 3: Email from the Email

If you don't click to Email the Board Pack immediately, we will send you an email when it has been built. 

In this email is an option to "Email to Everyone" - clicking on it will take you to the page for selecting the recipients.

BoardPro will open (you may have to login again) and then follow the same steps as above regarding selecting whom you wish the email to be sent too.

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