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Roles and Permissions Overview

Learn what each role can and cannot do in BoardPro so that you can give people the correct level of access they need.

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Roles are the element used to restrict what some people can do with your board processes in BoardPro.   

The Roles

We have built six common board-related roles into BoardPro:

  • Chair: Full access to everything in BoardPro. We could not imagine a chair would want any restrictions on them, so they can do anything.  

  • Administrator: 90% access to everything in BoardPro. Usually the product champion and the local, in-house expert. Cannot see or access Board Only folders* (*if the Admin is also a Board Member they can update Board Only Folders)

  • Board secretary: Access to everything in BoardPro. This person may or may not be a board member, but is often the one whom tasks are delegated to. Can manage Board Only folders.

  • Board Member: Mostly read-only Can update actions/interests

  • Senior Executive: information restrictions in place -Can add/edit meetings

  • Executive / Guest: highly restricted. Appears on the agenda/minutes but has no document access across BoardPro.

What is restricted?

The restrictions are in four main areas:

  1. Settings of BoardPro itself

  2. Being able to read and edit the agendas and minutes of meetings

  3. Ability to upload and download the Governance Documents

  4. Being able to read and edit Action items and Interests (everyone can always update the status of their actions, and interests some can update others as well).  

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