• Can we create our own roles within BoardPro?
    No, that isn't an option.  We interviewed many boards and have designed four roles based on the most common board scenarios for SME's and non-profit organisations. 

  • What if someone's actual position and title in the organisation doesn't fit the role title?
    The role title is merely a descriptor of a common role - you can assign any role to anyone.  So if, for example, your finance manager acts as a board secretary, assign them that role rather than the executive role, so that they can do what they need to in BoardPro. 

  • Can there be more than one administrator?
    Yes, you can have as many people set at that level as you wish. 

  • My role isn't correct, how do I change it?
    You cannot edit your own role, in BoardPro, but any other administrator (or chair, or board secretary) can change it for you.  We have published a Help article on How to change someone's role.  

  • We would like to request a change/new role - how do we do that?
    Great question!  There are a few ways you can do that.  
    1. Provide feedback below
    2. Lodge a request at our Ideas Portal:  http://ideas.boardpro.io/

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