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Steps to find your way through BoardPro's BoardPack.

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BoardPro's BoardPack is designed to assist board members with preparation for an upcoming meeting. 

The board pack has a consistent structure and navigational aids to help you navigate between the meeting agenda and the papers of the meeting. 

Board pack structure:

The board pack has a consistent structure:

  1. Cover page which will have the name of the meeting and the date. 

  2. Index page of all documents

  3. Meeting Agenda

  4. Attached documents

Cover page:

Cover page (which can be branded with the organisation logo) will have the name and date of the meeting it applies to. 

Index page:

With this directory you have a quick list of each document in the pack.  

  • The number and letter at the front are the agenda item number + document sequence for that paper.   

  • The title of the document 

  • Finally is the page number of the board pack (for printed copies)    

NOTE:  The document title is a clickable link to take you directly from this page to the document.

The Agenda

The meeting agenda follows after the index.  

The agenda lists the documents under the agenda item to which they apply, and these are also links to jump directly to that document.  

Attached Documents

The pages following the agenda are the supporting documents of the agenda.  They are attached in the order that appear in the agenda.  

NOTE:  Spreadsheets do not get included with the board pack - if you click on the spreadsheet it will download for you separately.  To learn more on that visit our page on Spreadsheets in the board pack.

Navigation zones: 

The attached documents of the board pack have navigation aids in the top corners of the page. 

  • Top left: organisation name and meeting title and date. 

  • Top right: agenda item number that this document relates to. (click on the number to return you to the agenda item)

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