How to email the Minutes

How to email minutes to the Board Members

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After the Draft Minutes have been finished and put through to Minutes in Review, you can email them to people on the People's List. 

For security purposes BoardPro does not email out the minutes directly, instead, the recipient will receive a secure link to login and read the paper online

From the Meeting Details page click on the drop-down menu of Minutes and select Email.

You can also email the minutes Directly from the Post Meeting Tasks -click on "I'll do these now" and select minutes

In the Post-Meeting Tasks box: Select "Send out the Minutes"

  1. Choose whom you send out the email too.

  2. Personalize your greeting. The default greeting is "Hi" but now you can type in your own greeting and choose whether you add a first name, last name, both or none at the top of the email. 

  3. Add any additional comments in the comment box.

  4. Tells you when the notice was sent and by whom 

Note: When emailing out the Minutes if a person in your organisation does not have login ability, their status showing Invitation Pending or No Access, there will be an asterisk next to their name denoting that * This person does not have access and cannot receive the email.

  • a person who has the access level of Executive/Guest cannot have an email sent to them

You can still edit the minutes up until they are confirmed. If you choose to email out the minutes with the changes then you would need to go through the same steps.

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