Notes in the Minutes

How to add and edit notes to your minutes.

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Minutes should provide sufficient narrative to support the full reasoning behind decisions and discussions made by the board, without being a verbatim record of what was said.

Notes can be added to each agenda item.

  • Click on the agenda item you wish to make a note against

  • Select Note

In the add box, you can describe what was discussed and what happened during the meeting for the attendees and non-attendees. Each agenda item can have multiple notes.

This may include:

  • a statement of the issues considered by the participants, and related responses, decisions or actions for the issues. 

  • record how matters raised by the board have been addressed 

  • a record of a change of arrangements, circumstances, situations or other interests

  • a record of any reports or other documents included in the board papers or tabled at the meeting

  • a record of any presentations made at the meeting

How to make changes or edits to a note:

  1. Click directly on the note itself to open the note or use the Context menu (3 dots) on the right-hand side. From here you can choose to edit the note, move the note either up or down or to another agenda item and also to delete this note.

  2. Use the taskbar at the top of the minute to add URLs, icons, highlight text, format minutes etc

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