How to add and edit decisions in the minutes.

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Adding a Decision
Decisions can be added against each agenda item (highlighted in green on the left hand side). 

Select Decision

In the Decision pop up box you can:

  1. Add a title for quick reference

  2. Add the decision date (Note: BoardPro automatically sets the decision date as the day noted for the meeting however, by clicking on the calendar icon you can change the decision date)

  3. What was the outcome

  4. Add a mover and seconder

  5. Describe what was the decision, if there were any abstentions and any other important information.

Edit a Decision
There are two ways to open the decision to edit once it has been saved: 

  1. Click on the decision to open 

  2. Use the context menu on the top right corner. 

From the context menu you can choose to:

  • Edit the decision

  • Move it either up or down 

  • Move it to another agenda item 

  • Delete this decision.

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