How to add and edit an Action Items in the Minutes.

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Actions are tasks assigned to a specific person in the meeting which they are to complete at a future time and bring back to the board.

Action Items are a type of minute, and therefore are added into BoardPro when the Minutes of a meeting are taken.   

To add an Action Item, select the agenda item that the action relates to (highlighted in blue on the left hand side) 

Select Action

In the Action box describe the action, select the owner and set the due date.

TIP:  The title of the action becomes the subject line of the Action Notice and reminders when they are sent to the owners. 

Once the action has been added it will appear with the other minutes related to this agenda item. 

To make changes or edit an action

  1. Click on the action itself 

  2. Use the menu on the right hand side.

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