Download the Meeting Minutes

How to download a copy of the Minutes of a meeting

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There are various locations from where the minutes can be downloaded** from within BoardPro.

** Note: Depending upon your Board's Constitution the setting for Downloading and Printing may be turned off. If you are unable to download or Print please check with your Administrator and or Chair. The toggle to enable or disable this setting is found under Organisation --> General Settings.

Open up the meeting and on the Meeting Details page -look for Download under Minutes on the top right.

On the Meetings Page -click on the context menu on the top right of the meeting card and select Minutes PDF. 

From the preview on the Meeting Document Page

  • click on Minutes or via the context menu

When the preview opens click on the download arrow found on the top right

Lastly, from an email.
When the minutes of a meeting are available  -a link to the minutes is emailed out by the Administrator.

Click on View the Minutes.

If you are not logged into BoardPro, you will be directed to the login page. If you are logged in it will open the preview of the minutes directly. You can then download as above.

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