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Decision Register

A searchable record of Decisions made by the Board

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The Decision Register can be found under Documents on the main navigation bar. This is where you can find a historical record of all Approved Decisions and Votes made by your board.

By default, BoardPro automatically lists the decisions made within the last 6 months.

However, you can look for decisions by using:ย 

  • The Search box: type in a keyword to pull up all decisions where that word was found (whether from a decision made in a meeting, a vote or a Flying Minute (during the last 6 months) however, you can extend your search by changing the date

  • Change the Date: use the calendar to extend or limit your date range to a specific time

On the top right, you can see if the decision was made during a Meeting or Flying Minute as well as the link to the meeting where it was made

  • Note with Meeting decisions there is also a context menu on the right of the card which allows you to preview/download the minutes or open directly into the agenda item

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