Edit the close time of a meeting

Where can I edit/update the end time for a meeting?

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There are two places where you can edit or update the close time at the end of your meeting.

1. On the Meeting Page -after a meeting has been added. This can be updated at anytime up until minutes are confirmed. 

2. On the Close Agenda Item -after you have built your agenda you can edit the close time. 

BoardPro will provide you with the option to "Update your Close Time" based upon how much time you have allocated for each agenda item (if you add a duration time to an agenda item)

Things to Note when setting the time:

  • Numbering for hours is done 1-12 and minutes is 0-59. (For example you cannot enter 20: 00 for 8:00 PM)

  • Switch between AM/PM by clicking on the box. 

  • You can change the Close Time at any stage up until the minutes are confirmed.

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