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When a meeting is opened, the first page that loads is the Meeting Details page. This is where the details of a specific meeting are found. 

On this page you can:

  1. Edit the name, date and start/close time of the meeting

  2. Add this to your personal calendar

  3. Change the location of the meeting

  4. Add a Remote meeting location

  5. Change the Meeting Administrator (if applicable)

  6. Edit the attendees

  7. Add the names of guests

  8. Provide any notes/information that is pertinent to the start of the meeting

  9. Access the Agenda, BoardPack and Minutes

Any documents that have been added/uploaded to the meeting (during the various stages) are also listed on the bottom of the page.

  • Clicking on any of these documents from the meeting page opens up the Board Pack.

  • Download a document using the download arrow on the right-hand side 

  • Click on the Vote tab to see if any votes have been added to the agenda

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