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Agenda Change Log

See changes to the Agenda since it was last published

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Written by Vicki van Eeghem
Updated over a week ago

It's the reality of boards - there are almost always last-minute changes to the Agenda or an updated paper for the board to read.  

While editing the published Agenda, BoardPro will track the changes, since it was last published, in the Agenda Change Log, which is ONLY available during the Published Agenda stage. 

The log will track:

  1. What was changed

  2. When was it changed

  3. Who made the change

Click on "Changes since Published" to view the Agenda Change Log. 

  • You can then republish which will provide your board with the most updated version of the board pack.

Note: View Log and Republish are also:

  1. Available under Agenda on the top menu 

  2. Visible only while in the Published Agenda stage

  3. Only those with Administrator, Board Secretary, Chair or Senior Executive Access will be able to review any changes

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