Previous Versions of Agenda Documents

Where do I find copies of documents that have been added into BoardPro?

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Sometimes multiple copies of the same document have been uploaded into an meeting. For example, if there is a more recent version than when the agenda was first created. 

BoardPro keeps track of all copies made and provides you with the ability to view multiple documents that have been loaded into an agenda. 

To view these copies:

  • Select the meeting and open the agenda (you can do this until the minutes are confirmed)

  • Go to the agenda item and next to the document click on the context menu on the right hand side.

When the context menu opens click on "Versions" 

A pop up box will open with the most current version highlighted in blue.

  1. Shows you the list of the current and previous copies that were uploaded including the date and time they were uploaded and by whom. 

  2. You can choose to download a copy of any document by clicking on the download arrow

  3. You can choose to delete any previous or the current copy by clicking on the trashcan. (If you delete the current copy than the next most recent will become the "current" copy).  The most recent/current document is the "copy of record" for the meeting. 

Note: when deleting a copy a confirmation box will open and advise you if any annotations or changes were made to the document.

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