Downloading a document that has annotations/notes on it is possible if working on a laptop or desktop.

This option is NOT available on the BoardPro Notes App for iPhone/iPads however, the annotations made on an iPad/iPhone are also available on your laptop.

How to Download**

  1. Open BoardPro Notes under BoardPack on the Meeting Detail Page

  2. When it opens select the document on the left hand that you wish to download

  3. Click on the download button on the top right

In the pop up box that opens select "Document with Notes"

Note: any annotation made using the Sticky Note can be read if you hover over it in the PDF mode but it does not show when printed.

** Note: Depending upon your Board's Constitution the setting for Downloading and Printing may be turned off. If you are unable to download or Print please check with your Administrator and or Chair. The toggle to enable or disable this setting is found under Organisation --> General Settings.

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