NOTE:  Recently closed interests will appear on the Interest Register Report for 30 days.

To close an interest in BoardPro please open the Interest Register located under People on the navigation bar.

On the current interest that needs to be closed -or to set an end date - click on the pencil icon to edit.

When the pop up box opens use the End Date calendar to select the date that the interest was closed.

  • you can use the arrows or the date picker to choose a date in the past or future

  • If the closed date is in the past the interest will automatically be moved to Past Interests where it can be re-opened or edited if needed. If the date is set for the future it will remain on the current interests until the due date.

Note: If you delete an interest, it will be removed from your records. But if you close an interest, it remains on your records under the Past Interests- which fulfills a requirement of the Companies Act to retain your interests for a number of years.

You would really only delete a mistake or duplicate entry for best practice

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