There are 2 ways to download the board pack from within BoardPro

  1. Within the Meeting itself
  2. Via the Preview

Within the Meeting itself -on the Meeting Page
Open the meeting and on the top right under Board Pack select Download

Via the Preview

The Preview is found in a couple of different locations

  1. As the above photo -open the meeting -BoardPro Notes -select Preview
  2. On the Meeting Documents page under Documents on the main navigation bar -click on the 3 dots at the end of the meeting and select Preview Board Pack
  3. On the Meeting List Page -Click on the context menu (3 dots) of the meeting and select Board Pack PDF

When the Preview Opens click on the Download Arrow on the top right

Notes: If you do NOT see the download arrow it could be:

  • that your organisation has turned off the ability to download and print documents. For that, you must speak to the Administrator of your account.
  • Your level of access. Executives/Guest access cannot view documents thus they cannot download nor print documents.

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