Spreadsheets and the Board Pack

Spreadsheets can be a bit tricky when converting to PDF's and merging with other documents, because it is not always clear how the rows and columns and tabs will appear, so we have resolved this in BoardPro as follows:

  1. If the spreadsheet is to be read within the board pack, convert it first to a PDF in it's native application (i.e. Excel) and then attach it into BoardPro.  This way the document owner (e.g. the Finance Manager or Sales Manager) can best control how this file will appear as a PDF.  The repeating rows, page width, blank tabs, etc.  

  2. If the spreadsheet is to be kept in it's native format (i.e. not to be converted to a PDF) then attach it to the agenda item as is.   The board pack index file will list it as one of the papers for the meeting.  Further, if the board member clicks on the file name, they will be able to download that file directly out of BoardPro.

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