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Flying Minutes FAQ's

Common questions about Flying Minutes in BoardPro

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Flying Minutes is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to see Flying Minutes

What is a Flying Minute?

Flying Minutes are used for capturing board approvals in between board meetings.

Who can be a host?

Only those with a Chair, Administrator, Board Secretary or Senior Executive Access Level can be a Flying Minute host.

Who can cast a vote?

Board members can cast their own votes, provided they are able to log into BoardPro.

Where can I see the status of a Flying Minute?

  1. On a Flying Minute you can see the status

  2. If the vote is in progress you will see if you have voted or if not a blue Cast Your Vote button will be shown

  3. Once the vote has been closed, the result of the decision is displayed

Can I change my vote once I have voted?

No, so please vote carefully.

My Board requires I explain why I voted a certain way. How do I record that?

When you vote there is a comment box available where you can enter the reason why you voted on this particular motion.

What happens if I cannot cast my vote?

If you are unable to cast your vote, you can request for the Chair/Administrator to assist you with your vote. Once they have entered your vote per your direction (and your comment if requested), you will receive an email confirmation of your vote.

Can a vote be opened early?

Yes, if the discussion has come to a close the vote can be opened early

by clicking on the countdown clock, ticking Start Now and then Update.

Can I close the vote early, even if not everyone has voted?

Yes, although not good practice, a vote can be closed early. If your Automation settings are at 100% (BoardPro Default Setting) and not everyone has voted, the vote will not pass. In which case you can re-open the vote and Assist the remaining Voters.

Can the vote be re-opened?

Yes, in the very rare event that a mistake was made, a vote may be re-opened. Although those who have already voted will not be able to change their vote.

Where can I find the decision for the Flying Minutes?

  1. A record of the decision will be found in the Minutes of the next meeting when the Draft Minutes stage is opened

  2. In the Decision Register

Why is my Not Approved Decision not being shown in the Minutes or the Decision Register?

If a Flying Minute is not approved then it isn't really a decision. BoardPro is only showing Approved FM Decisions in the Minutes of the next meeting.

Can a Flying Minute be Locked?

Yes, you can lock a flying minute so that no further edits, or re-open voting happens.

and of course, can always unlock the Flying Minute as well.

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