My document content overlaps with the margin in the BoardPack

How to remove header/footer overlap with document content in the BoardPack

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BoardPro helps create BoardPacks with all sorts of documents, no matter how many they are. Sometimes, the content in these documents is not properly placed so they go beyond the normal content coverage area on the page.

This leads to the content getting hidden behind the auto-generated Header/Footers of the BoardPack created by the BoardPro which can hinder the readers from being able to read/access the complete content.

Here are two possible solutions and in the order, you should try them.

Adjust Margin

  • Ensure that there is a 10mm margin added at the top and bottom of the original document.

Adjust Content

  • Edit the content in the original document before uploading to make sure it does not overlap with the Header/Footer.

If you still have trouble with your document content being covered with the Header/Footer please feel free to hop into the chat and get one of our Product experts to help you out.

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