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Answers to common questions about Action Items in BoardPro

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Can you have more than once person own an action?
Unfortunately not. It is one of the most requested items, so we will be implementing this in the future, but at this time we recommend one person take responsibility to ensure it gets done.

Are Board members able to edit their own action items?
In short - No. They can update the status of the action and also add comments to their actions but not (for example) update the owner or end date. That can only be done by someone with the correct level of access (Administrator, Board Secretary or Chair).

I received an Action Item email notice - what do I do with it?
The Action Item email notices are sent to the owners of Action Items.  They remind you of what is to be done, by when and in which meeting this was agreed. 

I'm CEO and I seem to get all the Actions - how can I delegate to my team?
You can delegate the task by simply forwarding the email.  If the Action is well written, it will include the name(s) of whom it will be delegated.  

As the person present in the board meeting, who accepted the task and its due date, you are responsible for reporting back to the board on the status and progress of the action.

Why did I get four emails for four actions, instead of one?  
BoardPro sends an email for each action so that each Action can be managed independently:   

  • Each email can be flagged on to your task list

  • The action can be delegated by forwarding, without the whole list being sent

What is the difference between an Action Item Notice and an Action Item Reminder?

  • A notice is a notification which is manually sent when the Minutes have been published. 

  • Reminders are automatically sent IF the status of the action is not done one week before the due date and on the actual due date.

  • Admins/Chairs and Board Secretaries can email an Action Reminder from the Action Item List page

What is an Action Item?
In governance, an Action Item is a documented event, task, activity, or action that needs to take place. Action Items are discrete units that can be handled by a single person.  

Action Items typically arise during board meetings and are included in the Minutes of the meeting.  Action Items should always be clearly documented with a description of what is to be done, by whom, and by when.  

How do I write a good Action Item?
Most people overestimate how well they are likely to remember things. As a result, they may commit themselves to an action item, write a sketchy shorthand note about it and later wonder what it means. 

One way to prevent that scenario is to ensure that action items are expressed as full sentences. For example, “Create a draft of the request for proposal (RFP) for XYZ Inc. by DD-MM-YYYY.” conveys a lot more information than simply “XYZ Inc.”

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