When draft minutes are open on the top right you will see a blue "Finish Draft  Minutes" button.

When you click on this button the meeting now goes into Minutes in Review and the Post Meeting Task box opens.

NOTE: This does not mean you have Confirmed the Minutes -you will still need to set a date to do that in the Post Meeting Tasks. 

From the Post Meeting Tasks you can choose to:

  1. Email a link of the minutes to 1 or all people listed. (If you need to have prior approval of the minutes before sending them out to all board members this is where you can select to whom they will be sent too) 
  2. Action Items Email Reminders
  3. Select the meeting when these minutes will be confirmed.

You can also choose to send out the Post Meeting Tasks at a later date by clicking on "I'll do these later" or click the "x".

NOTE:  Until the minutes are confirmed it is possible to edit them. 

On the Meeting Details page Click on Edit minutes and make your changes.
You will not lose or delete the minutes that you have entered. 

When you are ready you can then repeat the same steps for Confirming the minutes. 

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