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Managing Sub-Folders in Governance Documents

How to create and move one folder into another

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In the Governance Documents, Admins, Board Secretaries, Chairs and Senior Executives can:

Create a new sub-folder: go into the "parent" folder and click on Add Folder, enter the title and save.

  • You can also have sub-folders within sub-folders etc. 

  • if a "parent" folder is a restricted folder then all subfolders will automatically be restricted. In this case please see Board Only Folders for more information

Move existing folders into another folder (thus create a sub-folder)

  1. Dragging one folder into another folder. 

  2. Click on the context menu (3 dots on the right-hand side) of the folder that you wish to move. Click on Move to Folder and select the folder where you want it moved to.

Note:  When you are within a folder and wish to return to the Documents home page click on the Home button on the top left.

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