A Board Only folder can be created when there are documents that are to be restricted for the Board Members eyes alone. 

Only people with a tick in their Board Member box can see or access a Board Only folder. See Managing People to set a person as a Board Member.

Board Only folders can be managed by:

  • Board Secretaries

  • Chairs or Administrators who are also Board Members (have a tick beside their name)

To make a folder Board Only:

  1. Make a title

  2. Tick the box. (This is only shown to those with administration access).

   3. Add Folder

  • When the folder is created there will be a lock beside the title showing that it is restricted. 

  • On the right hand side, under the context menu, there is the option to un-restrict this folder. 

Things to note with a Board Only Folder:

  1. The folder is not able to be viewed by anyone who is not set as a board member box.

  2. A file/document that is inside a Board Only Folder cannot be uploaded into an agenda

  3. Sub-folders of restricted folders are also restricted.

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