Board Only Folders

How to create a Board Only Folder and who can view it.

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A Board Only folder can be created when there are documents that are to be restricted for the Board Members only. 

These folders can be managed by Board Secretaries and Chairs but also by Administrators who are also Board Members (they have a tick beside their name)

Things to note with a Board Only Folder:

  • Only people with a tick in their Board Member box can see or access a Board Only folder. See Managing People to set a person as a Board Member.

  • A file/document that is inside a Board Only Folder cannot be uploaded into an agenda

  • Sub-folders of restricted folders are also restricted.

How to Restrict a Folder

  1. Click Add Folder

  2. Add a title

  3. Tick the box. (This is only shown to those with administration access).

  4. Add Folder

When the folder is created there will be a lock beside the title showing that it is restricted. 

  • On the right-hand side, under the context menu, there is the option to un-restrict this folder. 

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