Occasionally we may need to edit/update a member's details or their role in the organisation.

This can be done on the People List.

Then click on the name of the person you need to edit (or you can select Edit via the context menu -3 dots at the end of their name).

The following can be edited:

  1. The person's name -due to a misspelling, change of name or you can add in a title (ex. Dr, Professor) before the first name and a suffix (Jr., BSc, MBA, Phd etc) after the last name.

  2. Their position title within the organisation

  3. If they are a Board Member (able to read confidential papers, appear on Attendees list as a Board Member)

Note:  For security reasons you cannot update your own Access level or status in BoardPro. You will need to ask another Administrator, Board Secretary or Chair to do that for you.

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