My Board Member appears as "Attendee" on the Agenda

How to set your Board Members (and Chair) to appear correctly in the Agenda and Minutes.

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If a board member is incorrectly listed as an attendee, here is how to fix it: 

Are they are tagged as a Board Member (includes Committees too) on the People List?

  • "No", then you will need to tag them as a Board Member

  • "Yes", then remove and re-add them to the Meeting 

How to check if they have been tagged go to the People > People List page. 

Check to see if they are listed under Board Members or Other People.

IF your Board Members are listed under Other People Click on context menu (3 dots) at the end of their name and select Edit. 

In the Edit Person pop-up box, make sure to tick the "Board Member" box and then Save.

They will now be found under Board Members (with a green tick beside Board Member) and will also be presented correctly in the Agenda and Minutes. 

Remove and re-add them to the Meeting

On the Meeting page, remove them from the attendee list and then Re-add the board member to the attendee list. Note: You will need to republish the agenda if you are not in Draft Agenda to see the changes

  • By removing them and then re-adding them it will correct the setting and they will now appear as a Board Member (provided the step noted above has been done)

If you have tried the above and the board member is still not appearing correctly, contact us at BoardPro Support ( - we can sort this for you. 

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