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The file name of my board pack is really weird...
The file name of my board pack is really weird...

What to do when your board pack (or agenda, or minutes) starts with =_utf-8...

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I'm trying to download my board pack and it asks:  What do you want to do with =_utf-8... Then some weird file string and what do you want to open it with and a range of options. Help!

Did you get a message like this, above? 

If so, please check the following:

  1. Is there a "special character" in your meeting title, or organisation name? Special characters and symbols can be an issue when they appear file names.  As BoardPro uses the meeting title and the organisation name in the PDF files, these characters can cause a problem with some browsers (but not all). 

  2. Are you using either Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browsers?  
    In our testing we have found that IE11 and Edge struggle with the special characters in the file names.  Chrome, Firefox and Safari are able to save the files correctly with special characters. 


To resolve this either remove the special character from your organisation name and/or meeting title, or switch and use another browser.  

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