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How to add interests to the Interests Register

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The Interest Register is found under People on the main navigation bar. 

At the top of the Interests Register page is a green Add New Interest button. 

Note: Everyone, with login access on your People List, can add their own interests except for those with the role of Executive/Guest.

  • Administrators, Board Secretaries and Chairs can add an interest for anyone in the organisation.

In the pop-up box that opens you will need to include the following:

1. Name of the board member/officer with the interest. There are two ways to add a name:

  • Tick Select a Person in the Organisation. You can select a name by either starting to type their name in the text field or by using the arrow on the drop-down menu. (Note person must be listed on the People page)

  • Tick Add someone not in the list and then type in their name. 

2. The organisation they have an interest in.
3. An explanation or what the nature of the interest is.
4. The date this was disclosed to the organisation. -The date is automatically listed for the date that you open the "Add a new interest" box however, click on the calendar icon to change the date to the correct notification date.

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