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How to change the location of your meeting in the agenda

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You can change or add a new meeting location to the agenda via the Meeting Details page. Click on the pencil icon next to the location.

Select a location from previously entered locations by clicking on the edit /pencil and select from the list . You can also enter in a new location.

  • You can make the new location the default by adding a tick in the Set as Default box. 

  • When adding the new location, you add the time zone for that location. 

  • If you choose a locale for the next meeting that is not the default, the start time of the meeting will reflect the time zone of the location. 

Note:  If your meetings are done by remote, or if an attendee will be signing in via an online platform (ex. Zoom) you can enter in the details as a remote location. Add the Video URL into the address line.

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