Remote Meetings with BoardPro

Add in the URL of the video meeting so that it is easier for attendees

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BoardPro is wonderfully suited for web-based online meeting tools.

Browser based video tools such as Zoom, Google Meets, MS Teams, Go-To-Meeting, etc. provide a link that can be added into the Video Meeting URL field.

You can simply add the URL of the video meeting into the dedicated field on the Meeting page

Remote Only Meetings
With an increasing number of meetings being conducted online only, you can simply ensure all attendees are aware of this with the Remote Meeting Only option.  

  • The Remote URL is then included on all key correspondences about the meeting: email reminders, calendar invites, in the agenda, etc.

Edit or Remove the Remote Meeting URL: Simply click on the 3 dots at the end:

To edit when the box opens: remove the old URL link, paste in the new URL link and save.

If you by accident, click on Remove you have a few seconds to undo this deletion

Remote Meeting FAQs

Does BoardPro create the meeting in the remote software?

No, BoardPro does not create the video meeting itself, inside Zoom, Teams, Meets, etc. You will need to log in there with your credentials to set up the meeting and get the URL that will be used for the meeting.

What meeting tools do NOT with the Remote Meeting link?

App-based meeting tools such as FaceTime and Skype do not use links - everyone connects in the app directly.

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