Building the Board Pack

How to "build" and review the Board Pack before you send it out

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Below is a guide on how to "build" the board pack.  
NOTE:  the board pack is NOT automatically sent out - you retain control over when, and to whom, it is sent.  

When you have finished the Draft Agenda, and are ready to Publish: From the meeting details page click on the Publish Agenda button

You can also click on Publish agenda if the Draft agenda is open

Once you have published the agenda, BoardPro will create the Board Pack for you.
A pop-up box opens that gives you 3 options of what you would like to do next:

  1. Review Board Pack (opens a preview of the Board Pack -you will receive a notice when the Board Pack is available)

  2. Email Board Pack (opens a pop-up box that allow you to choose whom you email the Board Pack too).  

  3. "X" or Close (returns you to the Meeting Details page. You can email out the Board Pack at a later time).


  • If you choose to preview first and then email out the Board Pack find the details on how to do this on the page: Email the Board Pack.

  • When the email notice is sent out, Board Members will receive an email with a link to view the board pack such as this:


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