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Know when and where upcoming meetings will be

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The home page for the organisation shows the last meeting as well as the next meeting -if it has been added.ย 

To find a complete list of all meetings -past, present and future go to the Meeting List Page under Meetings on the top navigation bar.

  • use the arrows at the end of the calendar bar to move ahead or back a few months.

  • Click on the calendar to select a specific month and then use This Month to return to the current month

Meeting Card:

On the meeting cards you will find:

  1. The date and time of the meeting

  2. The title

  3. The location of the meeting

  4. Meeting Stages and Prompts -such as Read the Board Pack

  5. If there is a remote meeting link provided -on the day of it will prompt you to Join the Meeting -click on the blue button to open up the URL


  • Click Directly on the card to open the meeting

  • Use the Context Menu (3 dots) to Preview/Download the Agenda, Board Pack and the Minutes

  • If you sit on more than one board/committee in BoardPro, My BoardPro lists all the meetings scheduled for that month, all your actions, and all your organisations.


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