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My BoardPro

Your personal view of upcoming meetings and actions, from all your boards and committees

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If you are listed in more than one organisation, when you log into BoardPro, you will find yourself on My BoardPro.

On this page are:

  1. My Meetings: A list of all meetings of any organisation that you have login access to (use the slide bar to scroll forward or back to find meetings in a particular month)

  2. Pending Signatures: See a list of documents awaiting your signature and sign them from this page.

  3. My Actions: A list of all current actions assigned to you from any of your organisations -Update the status using the drop-down arrow.

  4. My Organisations: A list of all organisations that you have login access to

You can also click on My BoardPro (drop-down menu) to easily switch between your organisations.

  • Sub-committees are indented under the "main board."

If you do not have access to the main (or parent) board, it will be greyed out but is displayed to avoid any confusion over which organisation that committee belongs to.


If you are working in one organisation and would like to open another, right-click on the name of the company you want to open and select "open link in a new tab or window." You can then easily switch between the two.

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