How to change your email address

How to change or update your email address

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NOTE: For security reasons, Administrators cannot change your email address or password. Only you can.

To change your email address, click your user icon at the top right and navigate to My Account > My Settings.

You will need to enter your new email address and your password to make the change. Clicking Continue will confirm the new email address.

A notification will appear advising you that a verification email has been sent to the new email address. 

Go to your email Inbox and look for the Email Address Change email. Click Update Email Address to verify the new email address.

You will receive a notice that your email address was successfully updated.  After that, you will be taken back to the login page where you will need to log in with your new email address.

If you have any questions, or have multiple email addresses within BoardPro, please contact Support for assistance.


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