Smart Agenda Item: Confirm Minutes

Simply link a past meeting to this meeting to automatically include the Minutes in this Board Pack

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BoardPro has a smart agenda item called Confirm Minutes which enables you to link past meeting(s) to your current agenda to confirm those Minutes during this meeting. 

How to link Minutes in the Agenda:

When the Meeting status is "Draft Agenda" or "Draft Minutes" -click on the "Confirm Minutes" Agenda Item and select previous meeting(s) to confirm 

  • Minutes that are available but have not had a date set

  • Minutes that previously had the date set to be confirmed will also be listed

When a meeting is selected from available minutes it will move into Minutes to be confirmed. 

  • A PDF of those minutes is now available for viewing prior to confirmation

  • Minutes can be postponed and returned to the list by clicking on the context menu and clicking on Remove.

NOTE: For a past Meeting to appear in this list 

  1. The meeting status must be Minutes in Review 

  2. The meeting cannot be scheduled for confirmation at another meeting

What happens next? 

When the Board Pack for this meeting is built, it will automatically include these Minutes in the Board Pack

  • When the meeting is In Draft Minutes a blue confirm button is seen. 

  • During this meeting, when the Minutes are confirmed, the original meeting will be updated to show that the Minutes were confirmed.

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