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Introduction to Smart Agenda Items

Automatically improving your Agenda

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BoardPro's Agenda page contains three "Smart Agenda Items" which automatically and intelligently help build the agenda with minimal effort.

The three Smart Agenda Items are:

  1. Action Item List: this Agenda Item automatically builds a list of Action Items from previous meetings and lifts the accountability level in following up on Actions.  The board are able to stay on top of Actions they have requested, including an up to date status from the Action Owner. 

  2. Confirm Minutes: this Agenda Item automatically links the Minutes of past meetings to the current meeting, includes a copy in the Board Pack, and when confirmed in current meeting it will close off the original meeting.  

  3. Interests Register:  this Agenda Item simplifies best practice.  A list of the current Interests Register is automatically included in the Board Pack so everyone is aware of all declared interests.  Then, during the meeting, when the chair asks if there are any changes to the Interests Register, changes can be updated easily, in real time by the Minute Taker, or at any time by the board member.  

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