Meeting Reminders

Automatic reminders of upcoming meetings sent to the attendees

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On the navigation bar click on Organisation -->Settings and go to Notifications -Email Meeting Reminders.

Administrators, Chairs and Board Secretaries can enable or disable this setting by switching the toggle on or off. 

BoardPro will send out two reminders of meetings. The first reminder is sent out on the number of days "chosen" before the meeting date and the second is sent out the day before the meeting.

The administrators of your organisation can manage two settings with reminders:

  1. Switch the toggle to enable or disable automatic reminders 

  2. Change the number of days before the first reminder email goes out -choose between 3 to 21 days (default is 7 days prior)

The reminder (which includes a calendar attachment) gives the time, date, and location of the meeting, as well as letting the recipient know if their attendance is planned or not. 

This notification is a reminder that you are currently scheduled or not scheduled to attend the meeting. 

  • If your status changes please update that status as necessary with your administrator  Do Not Reply to the email.

  • A calendar attachment is also sent so that you may add the meeting to your personal agenda/calendar. 

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