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How to edit the minutes of a meeting

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Yes, you are able to edit the minutes anytime - up until they are confirmed in a following meeting.  

As long as the Meeting status is either Draft Minutes or Minutes in Review - you can just click on the individual Minute to be edited and then edit it.

You can see the status on the example below is in Minutes in Review

  1. From the Meeting page click on Edit Minutes

  2. Go to the Agenda Item that you wish to edit and click on that. 

  3. Click on the Minute to be edited and it will open in a pop-up box. 

  4. Once you have edited the minute click save. Your Minutes PDF will be automatically updated.

Note: You can also add extra minutes (notes, decisions and actions) to agenda items at any time before the meeting has been confirmed by following the same steps.

If you have accidentally updated the Meeting status or need to make amendments to a meeting, you can roll it back to the various stages provided the meeting has not been confirmed. 

See Rolling back from Draft Minutes for more information.

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