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Accepting an Invitation from BoardPro
Accepting an Invitation from BoardPro

How to complete your registration with BoardPro

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Accepting an Invitation for the First Time:
When a person, who is new to BoardPro, is sent an invitation they will receive an email with such as this: 

Click on the "blue" Accept the Invitation button to be redirected to the BoardPro Registration Page.  

In some cases clicking on the blue 'Accept the Invitation' button does not automatically take you to the Registration Page but instead takes you to the BoardPro login page. If this happens, please try this:

  • Click on the URL link found just below the blue button or copy then paste the link into your browser.

To finish registration there are 4 steps:

  1. Create a password (Note: the password must contain at least 1 number, 1 Capital letter, 1 lowercase letter and be at least 8 characters long)

  2. Re-enter the password 

  3. Tick the box to Accept the Terms of Agreement (Mandatory) 

  4. Click Register 

If any of the steps have been missed or the passwords do not match then the person will not be able to Register. 

Once all steps have been completed then the person is directed to the sign-in page where they enter in:

  1. Their email address (which the invitation was directed too)  

  2. Their newly created password

Click on Login to open the home page where a person will find:

  • On the top left -any organisations/committees that they have accepted invitations for

  • on the top right  -their name where they can access their personal settings, help pages etc.

Notes: For security, you cannot have multiple email addresses linked to the same login access.
If you have forgotten your email or password please contact either your Administrator or BoardPro Support.

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