** Note: If you are unable to download or print please check with your Administrator, Board Secretary and/or Chair. The toggle to disable downloading/printing maybe turned off. This setting is found under Organisation --> Settings --> Security.

We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader for printing the PDF’s, as it provides a good range of printer control options.

Depending on what your default PDF reader is, which browser you are using and the settings on your printer, this will determine what you see as options for printing.

Printing the BoardPack without Annotations

On the meeting that you wish to download or print the board pack from --> click on the context menu (3 dots) at the end and select Board Pack PDF

This will open up the Preview -click on the Download icon on the top right to open the document as a PDF in Adobe

When Adobe opens you can select to either print the entire board pack (All), the current view, or for individual and/or a range of pages.

Printing the board pack with Annotations

Open BoardPro Notes --> on the top right click on the Download icon and then select in the pop-up box Board Pack with my Notes.

This will download the annotated version of the Board Pack into PDF where you can follow the same steps as above in Adobe to print out what you require.

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