** Note: Depending upon your Board's Constitution the setting for Downloading and Printing may be turned off. If you are unable to download or Print please check with your Administrator and or Chair. The toggle to enable or disable this setting is found under Organisation --> General Settings.

Printing the BoardPack

To print the entire BoardPack: Open the Preview and when the PDF opens click on the Print icon on the top right.

Printing from within the BoardPack

You can also print individual documents and/or pages from a selected document within BoardPro Notes

  • Under BoardPack click on BoardPro Notes and then open/select the document you want to print.
  • On the top navigation bar in BoardPro Notes click on the print icon on the top right.

To print the entire document make sure All is selected for pages

To print individual pages select Custom and then:

  • For an individual page type just the page number (example: 4)
  • For a page range type in the page numbers (example 3-5)

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